Masaryk University of Dentistry in Brno, Czech Republic

Masaryk University of Dentistry in Brno, Czech Republic

Masaryk University of Dentistry is located in Brno, the second largest city and educational centre in the Czech Republic. The University was founded in 1919 and consists of 9 faculties. It is recognized worldwide and the teaching for foreign students is in the English language.
The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry of Masaryk University has moved to a new magnificent Campus, which satisfies all the student needs and is characterized as one of the most modern and student-friendly Medical Faculties in Europe.

The first two years of Dentistry studies include extended dentistry courses of Preclinical Dentistry, Gnathology, Prosthetic Technology – Materials, and Preventive Dentistry, together with the theoretical general-medicine courses of Medical Physics and Informatics, Biology, Medical Chemistry, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, and others. Successful studies of the theoretical courses necessitate an excellent previous knowledge of natural science-oriented subjects at the grammar-school level.

The instruction is carried out in the form of lectures, practicals, and seminars. The practicals in dentistry courses take place at the Department of Stomatology with the use of modern aids – simulators. Preclinical Dentistry is completed with an examination in the 3rd semester. The third year of studies comprises general-medicine preclinical courses: Pathological Anatomy, Pathological Physiology, Clinical Examination in Internal Medicine and Surgery, and others.

Masaryk University of Dentistry in Brno, Czech Republic

It is preparatory to the study of clinical general-medicine courses, especially in the 4th and at the beginning of the 5th years. General-medicine courses are taught in a reduced extent with special attention paid to oral and dental problems. From the 5th semester on, intensive, specialized instruction in dentistry courses is started, which continues until the 10th semester. The studies of dentistry courses are intensified both in the theoretical and practical aspects, ending up in a 15-week pre-graduation practical training in the 10th semester which emphasizes a comprehensive treatment of the patient. The dentistry courses occupy more than 50 % of the whole curricular time.

In the course of the studies, students also complete 4 blocks of vacation practical training during which they gradually get acquainted with the operation of health-care stomatological facilities, with practical procedures, special materials, and technologies. The studies are completed with advanced (rigorous) state examinations in three dentistry subjects: Therapeutic, Surgical, and Orthopaedic Stomatology.

DURATION OF STUDY – FEES: Masaryk University of Dentistry in Brno
The duration of study for medicine at Mazaryk University of Dentistry is 5 years and tuition is 290,000 Czech Crowns (10,700 Euro)

REGISTRATION: Masaryk University of Dentistry in Brno
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ENTRANCE EXAMINATION REQUIREMENTS: Masaryk University of Dentistry in Brno
The applicants must successfully pass their admittance multiple choice tests in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, for which we fully students to ensure 100% success.
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