“Hi Evi, I hope you are well. Thank you for everything. Both I and Hilde are just so happy with Stara Zagora university we are awestruck , every lecturer we have had contact with thus far, have been so welcoming and kind to us, as for the subjects we are dong we are thrilled with our lecturers.. Thank you and your staff for helping me get into this University. It is by far a wonderful experience in comparsion to the horror I experienced in Poland , I am so grateful to you.

It is most deserved to you Evi, I hope this University becomes renowned in my country any student that would come here, would be so lucky!!!”

“Hey Evi, I can only say one thing. You did way more than the norm and I will never forget all your support.
I am happy with my studies here in Comenius and especially with my professors. (They could do something about the building, though) 🙂 You know what I mean?
Anyway, thanks a lot.”

“Dear Team of Europestudies,
First of all, I can not say enough about how I feel about my choice of university.
The lecturers and professors make a great effort in order to make everything very comfortable for us students. Thank you so much for helping me with this. You were right in the beginning when you said that I will definitely like it here.

(Plovdiv University)

I really want to thank you for helping me to make my dream of studying medicine come true.

Plovdiv is a very nice town, quiet and with many international students. I like the university and the campus. Now we have just begun with anatomy and I like it so much because it is more hands on than other classes. We also have other lectures and laboratory classes afterwards. The schedule is very good. What I most like is that we have to learn Bulgarian – it is not hard at all like I thought.

My class group is also great because we have the same lectures during the first year of medicine. In the practical classes, we are divided into small groups of 8 people. In our group, we have an email account and a Facebook group, where we share all our notes that we took during class.

I even have telephone numbers of some of my professors – they are really friendly.

Thanks for everything!!!”

“Hello Europe-studies!!!!

Wow, you did exactly what you promised.

This is a life experience for me and I am so grateful to you.

Studying at an international university makes me get to know other cultures, other languages and helps to improve my level of English.

I really like it here! Varna itself is an incredibly beautiful city and with the enormous amount of international students, you do not have the feeling of being abroad at all. The concept of the university, with small learning groups, is very effective. Varna university is becoming very popular and you can notice that the number of students increased in the last few years and some facilities were constructed for a smaller number of students initially.

All in all, I am very satisfied with my choice because it is very welcoming here. You can easily make new national and international friends here, which makes life a lot more pleasant.

Thank you for everything!

I wish you a wonderful year.”

“Good evening

First of all I want to thank you Evgenia for making it possible that I can be here.

The university itself is really extraordinary – but to be allowed to study with so many students from all over the world in a foreign country is really awesome! After being rejected in my homeland, I already thought about throwing the towel and to bury my dream of studying medicine. But thanks to you and Safarik University, I got the chance to fulfil my long-life dream of studying medicine.

The people here are very open and I have already found some friends, which are like brothers for me here. I think I will return home one day soon from this university, not only with my degree as a doctor but definitely with friends for a lifetime.

It is a privilege to study here – especially because this university has been my choice out of all the other universities for which I took the admission exam.

Thank you very much for your email and asking about my situation here in Kosice. It was a pleasure for me to come into contact with you again.”

Best wishes, Franky
“Dear Mrs Boubouli,

My daughter has matriculated in the Medical University of Vienna today, her desired place. Many thanks for your great effort.

The advice by Europe-studies was outstanding and target-aimed. The suggestions, accompanied by efforts, could be fulfilled.

My daughter participated in the pre-med course in Vienna as advised by you and it helped her very much, in order to reach her desired goal.

The cooperation with your team of Europe-studies has exceeded my expectations about the support. It was very detailed and in each matter, right up to an accommodation in the respective country, it really was a great help.

I recommend Europe-studies If you accept their experience and recommendations and follow their instructions, this can only lead to a success in order to reach your desired aim.

Sincere regards,”

“Greetings to everyone, especially Miss Evgenia!

I have to say that the first weeks here in Cluj have been totally incredible, the environment is great and the university has the best facilities and new material. The city is so European, it is unbelievable. I did not expect to be so pleased. You were so right.

But the best part was that i was accepted by the University. i am very greatful to you Europestudies. I know you promised me entry from the very beginning but I did not totally believe that it would happen as my high school marks were kind of low. You reassured me and you did it!!!

Thanks a lot.”

My regards to all.
“Dear My Agency,

It is only a month and a half that I am here but I can honestly say that I love Kosice. It is a very quiet city. and am living in a very well located flat which is near from everything 15 minutes away from the university, less than 5 from the city center and of course you made that happen for me.

People here are very kind, as well as professors, who speak English very well and which is very easy to understand. Public transport is cheap and it always arrives on time. Moreover, there are several shopping centers and supermarkets where you can find everything you need. My appartment is great and cheap as you said you will find for me.

As for the Safarik university, this week we officially started our lectures and I am very happy, I hope everything keeps going so well!

To sum up: I AM EXCITED AND HAPPY AND I want to thank you Evgenia sooooo much.”

“Hi Evgenia,

Once more, I would like to thank you for your counselling, help and all what you have done to get my study place in Kosice. It is great to finally be able to study medicine and you have given me this opportunity. Thank you for your continuous and personal help; I have shared many things about me with you but I could get to know you a bit also.

I found especially helpful that there was one of your team members directly in Kosice, who helped us find accommodation, etc. It is also great that you work closely with the university; when the university did not give us enough information about something, you provided us with more details (for example, we could bring the scrubs and the white shoes from home). Moreover, you were very helpful with all the procedures regarding the residence permit, since here this seems to be really difficult.

I would like to thank you really, now I am enjoying my life as a student of dentistry, people here are very friendly but quite and the center of Kosice is simply picturesque.

Keep up the good work to you and your colleagues.”

Kind regards,
“Dear Everyone at Europe studies,

First of all, I would like to commend you for doing a great job. Two friends of mine, who had also been registered in Plovdiv by you recommended me your organisation and I called you.

It appears that you ease things a lot for students like me who want to study abroad and you take care of all the procedures for us. Thank you!

By the way, I really like Sofia and the University here is fantastic!!!!!!”

Have a lovely day!
“Hi and sorry for the delay in my response.

Finally, I can reply to you! Our semester is coming to an end and the exam period will start soon!

I love being in Varna! The degree is really interesting and exciting, not only because it is dentistry but also due to the great relationship between the students and the professors. However, I had some difficulties at the beginning, since I had to change my mentality to the “Bulgarian casualness” with regard to exam dates and unpunctuality, but we are working hand in hand with the university to solve this.

Apart from that, everything is great. I live in a fantastic apartment with a sea view – you know, the one you helped me find. Now I must be careful of not spending so much time at the beach: the weather is so wonderful that you can easily get carried away.

If someone wants to get more information about Varna University, you can pass them my contact information. This is my Bulgarian number: They can also contact me by e-mail.”

“Dear Dr Dimitra,

I came to Varna, Bulgaria, through your company and your recommendations, in order to study medicine.
Maybe it’s a bit late, but I just wanted to thank you again because everything turned out so well and I’m so happy here! The atmosphere is perfect and people here are very nice!

Varna is such a beautiful city, directly by the sea! One can do so many things during free time as well. I share the apartment with another girl and we get along really well. The University of Varna is stressful sometimes, but always enjoyable. I am really glad to be here.”

Talk to you soon,
“Dear Europe-studies agency!

I’ m happy to answer your questions, at least from my point of view. My daughter Fatima is now, in the exam “marathon” before the end of the semester. Up to now she has done well.
She likes the degree very much, as well as the small working groups. On the whole, she is convinced, after your guidance, she has chosen the right field of studies.

Of course, life in Slovakia required some adjustment, but having lived abroad before helped her. She likes the city of Bratislava, particularly because there are many young people, it is a student city. She is sharing a big flat with two of her fellow students.

As the mother of a student, I believe the cooperation with Europestudies especially with Mrs Boubouli was a very positive one. I was able to ask every question I had – and I had many – without feeling that I was being “annoying”. It was very useful to have a contact person such as you. You really were extremely mindful.”

Thank you!
Comenius University of Medicine Elmira
“Dear Europe-Studies team,

I want to say a few things about the Medical University of Carol Davila.

The educational facilities of Carol Davila are great, the professors are very helpful, friendly and take the time to answer questions. The atmosphere in the lectures is very comfortable and often fun, as many teachers have a good sense of humour. Also, if the students, the teacher or the technology make small mistakes, they are quite calm about it. The lessons are very interesting and the practical work is very enjoyable. As far as time is concerned, we usually have a free evening to go out with our friends. During this time we can also speak about other things not related to the degree, which is very positive, as it shows that the degree does not dominate over everything else. The language is also an interesting part of the studies. From the beginning, you have the possibility to participate in public life with small but helpful sentences. All in all, I am satisfied with the university and my studies here.

The cooperation with your company was always very good. The advice was excellent and above all very useful. When I sent you my questions you called me immediately even on weekends and my e-mails were immediately answered. Also when compiling the application documents I felt well supported. I never felt abandoned by you. When I had questions I could call anytime.

Dr. Dimitra had always been able to fight my nervousness thanks to her calm nature and manners. Also, the other advisors always lent an ear for the occasional personal doubts about the decision and were willing to give us the reassurance we needed.

The coordination of the entrance exam, i. e. sending the dates, hotels, preparation material, etc., was also excellent. Everything was very well organised.

Best wishes to you all….”